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4-H Animal ID Virtual Workshop Session 4.14.2021- Watch this video of 4-H Staff going through the process for adding a couple animals in 4HOnline. We answer some common questions and guide you through the visuals of entering animals.

4HOnline Animal Identification

For Non-Market Animals

In order to declare your project animals in 4-H, all non-market animals (Dairy Cattle, Breeding Beef, Dog, Horse, Llama/Alpaca, Dairy Goats, Breeding Goats, Utility Goats, Fiber Goats, Breeding Sheep, Breeding Swine, Cavy, Cats and new this year RABBITS) must be identified by the last Thursday in April of the current year using the species Animal Identification Form and uploaded on 4-HOnline enrollment. By submitting this form, the member is declaring they have ownership of the animal and are providing primary care of their project or is an official Lease-An-Animal 4-H project. NOTE- Poultry projects are excluded from 4HOnline animal identification procedures. The 4-H Office Staff will also input your information for your market animal projects once they have attended the required in-person animal ID events. Directions for your animal ID process can be found here: 

In general you will need the following information:

  • County use form (Only for dairy cattle and baby goats)
  • Photos to identify your animal
  • Animal identification information/names/tags/etc.
  • Some species- vaccination proof
  • Breed registration forms
  • Brand inspections- beef

All members must complete an Animal ID on 4HOnline for each non-market animal in their project. Paper IDs will NOT be accepted.  Animal IDs must also include uploading pictures, brand inspections and/or vet records if applicable.

If you have changes to make after you have verified your animal ID or need help uploading documents, contact Lisa Wallace at the Extension Office (303) 678-6238 or email

Members showing at the Boulder County Fair or Colorado State Fair are only eligible to show the animals they have ID completely (including required pictures/records) on 4HOnline by the deadline. Market animals and poultry and rabbits are the only ones exempt from the 4honline identification.

Many 4-Hers wonder whether they should ID all the animals they own or just concentrate on one animal they plan to show. This is a personal preference for each individual 4-Her. Usually, 4-Hers are only working with one animal at a time, others have more animals they own, but don’t necessarily plan to show.  Either way, all animals that have been ID as a project animal are required to be in your Project record book. Leaders and record book judges will check this before fair and when project books are turned. If all the animals aren’t included, the 4-Her will be ineligible for fair and/or receive an incomplete on their records.

Deadline to participate in Fair: The last Thursday in April (unless animals born after this and meet species ownership requirements)

Animal ID Tips & Tricks:

  1. Read the requirements for each animal and the needed documents. You will most likely need pictures of you with your animal showing any distinguishing marks of the animal.
  2. You may need proof of ownership (bill of sale or brand papers)
  3. When filling out the online form, the titles of the areas in BOLD: are required. Other areas are not required to be entered manually. Please follow the direction forms for each species as that is what you will need to enter online. (Even if it is not bold, boulder county may require it)
  4. Upload the Animal Identification form under the “COUNTY USE FORM”
  5. Upload the Animal Identification form under EACH animal. (it can have multiple animals on the form.
  6. Cavies go under “Small Pet”
  7. Dairy Cattle- Upload the Registration Papers or the Brand Release form for proof of ownership. These are uploaded under “Dairy Cows Registration Papers.”
  8. If animals are born after the last Thursday in April deadline, you will need to follow the directions on the form and turn in HARD COPIES of the forms on those animals to the Extension office. No other hard copies will be accepted. (must also follow ownership rules and deadlines for that species.)

2023 Non-Market Animal ID: Boulder Specific County Use Forms

Upload these competed forms into 4HOnline under County Use Form

  • Dairy Cattle ID form
  • Dairy Goat ID form – BABY GOATS
  • Utility Goat ID form – BABY GOATS
  • Breeding Beef ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Breeding Goat ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Breeding Sheep ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Breeding Swine ID form – non-Fair animals only (Not using in 2023)
  • CAVY ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Dairy Goat ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Fiber Goat ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Utility Goat ID form (Not using in 2023)
  • Rabbit ID form (Not using in 2023)

How to Add a New Animal ID:

  1. Log-in to using your family email.
  2. Click View next to members name
  3. Select animals on the left side navigation.
  4. Click on the “add New Animal” blue button toward the top.
  5. Under Add an Animal, choose an Animal Type.
  6. Click “Add Animal”.
  7. Fill out the information (note the red required sections).
  8. Add attachments (Horse – photos of right side, left side and front; Dog – one photo, copy of vet records). (NOT all have a  requirement for “county use form”, but some do. Please check your species listed on this page)
  9. Click on “Submit”.