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The Extension office provides assistance and programs for the community without discrimination in five main areas: 4-H Youth Programs, Agriculture, Community Health, Horticulture, and Small Acreage Management.

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Leader Questions? Please contact Lisa Wallace at

4-H Leader Training

Reminder on Club Funds

We had a great 4-H Leader training in February on 4-H Money Matters! A few highlights and reminders:

  • 4-H Funds must be spent on 4-H Educational Programming
  • Raising Funds for donation:
  • 4-H funds cannot be donated to another organization
  • 4-H funds cannot be donated to a family or individual in need
  • 4-H funds cannot be donated to a memorial fund
  • 4-H Funds and Community Service:
  • 4-H funds can be used to support youth in doing a community service project
    • Example: supplies needed to do garden cleanup, gloves, mulch, etc.
    • Example: supplies needed to decorate baskets for the senior center (Paper, ribbon, markers, paint, etc.)
  • 4-H funds cannot be used to purchase items or gifts for a community service project.
  • Cannot adopt a family and use club funds to purchase items
  • Cannot use money for purchasing gifts for leaders, members, families.
  • Clubs can use funds for awards. They are part of the educational program of 4-H, process for completion, and end of year.

4-H Policies

Challenge to Policies and Procedures Regarding 4-H Events and Activities Procedure

4-H Judging Guides

Many 4-H Project manuals are now available online for members to download at no cost. If print copies are desired, the manuals available for print are noted on the order sheet in RED. Please enter quantity and the amount will be automatically calculated for you. If no reference to printed material is listed on the form, please contact Jeannie Torres, for further information. All custom printed manuals may be currently stocked in the Extension Office or they will be printed through our printing resources.

Engaging Volunteers

Engaging Parents

Recognizing Volunteers

Boulder County Volunteer Awards

Club Activities

Secretary and Treasurer Resources

Parliamentary Procedure

Team & Character Building

Annual Club Chartering

Why Chartering Requirements for 4-H Clubs?

Colorado State University Extension is committed to protecting our 4-H program, its members, the 4-H name & emblem, and its image in Colorado and the country. This protection comes through the commitment and requirement for all county, district, region, and state level 4-H clubs and groups to have current charters and understand the value of those charters. All 4-H clubs and groups must be chartered by the Colorado State 4-H Office annually to be recognized as an authorized Colorado 4-H club or group. The following documents and chartering directions are needed to be accurately and fully completed by club leadership in order to complete the chartering.

  • CHARTERING INSTRUCTIONS 2023 – WORD updated 6/16/2023
  • CHARTERING INSTRUCTIONS 2023 – NEW CLUB – WORD updated 6/16/23
  • TEAM CHARTERING INSTRUCTIONS – 2023 – WORD updated 6/16/2023
  • CLUB/TEAM CHARTERING WORKSHEET – 2023 – PDF | WORD updated 6/16/2023

Most of the following forms can be found at club resources at

  • BYLAWS: WordPDF (#2 Constitution and Bylaws) updated 6/16/2023
  • FINANCIAL REPORT: ExcelPDF (#3 4-H Club Financial Report) updated 6/16/2023
  • NO BANK ACCOUNT: Word | PDF (#3a Sample No Bank Account Letter) updated 6/16/2023
  • BANK STATEMENT: Word | PDF Boulder County needs a full year – 12 statements (#3b. Sample Bank Statement) updated 6/16/2023
  • ANNUAL REVIEW: Word | PDF (#4 Annual Review: 4-H Club Group Funds) updated 6/16/2023
  • INVENTORY: Word | PDF updated 6/16/2023
  • BUDGET: Word | PDF (#5 Budget): Boulder County Version: PDF | WORD updated 6/16/2023
  • ANNUAL PLAN: State Version (#6 Annual Plan) Word | PDF updated 6/16/2023
  • AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: State Version (#7 Affirmative Action): Word | PDF updated 6/16/2023
  • LEADER INTENT: Boulder County Version PDF | WORD updated 6/16/2023
  • TEAM/COACH INTENT: Boulder County Version PDF | WORD updated 6/16/2023

Club Dissolution Documents

Leaders Council

The Boulder County 4-H Leaders Council serves to support and mentor leaders and families in the county 4-H program. It is made up of all Boulder County 4-H Leaders and grants voting rights to leaders who have attended (or been officially excused) the last two prior meetings.