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The Extension office provides assistance and programs for the community without discrimination in five main areas: 4-H Youth Programs, Agriculture, Community Health, Horticulture, and Small Acreage Management.

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Premises ID

A Premise ID is required to exhibit at the Boulder County Fair and Colorado State Fair for livestock animals. Premises identification will provide quick and accurate traceability of livestock and locations in the event of an animal health concern, which will help maintain the health of all Colorado livestock. For this program, a premises is defined as a location or site where livestock are born, handled, housed, managed, marketed, processed, or exhibited. Premises ID is managed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. 
4-H members with livestock projects (beef, dairy, goat, horse, sheep, swine, poultry, and rabbit) should obtain a Premises ID. It is also required for other livestock shows. If you don’t have a Premises ID, you can obtain one by calling the Colorado Animal ID coordinator at 303-869-9130 or go online to Colorado Location Identification (LID) Registration Form.

4-H Animal Care & Housing Form

All 4-H members with animal projects must have a completed, signed, and approved Animal Care and Housing Form for Colorado 4-H Livestock Projects form on file at the Extension Office. This form will be provided in two ways:
4-H online – you completed this information when enrolling for those who have their animals at their place of residence

Complete a hard copy form and submit it to the 4-H Office for those who have their animals someplace other than their residence. If your animal project is not housed at your place of residence then you will need to go to our 4-H Website, print the Animal Care and Housing form, and fill out both sides of that form. This gives us additional information about your specific situation and helps with the approval process. Please give us detailed information or we will send them back for you to adjust your comments. These need to be completed and turned in to the office by the last Thursday in April as this is the deadline for Animal IDs

Animal Care & Housing Form

All first-year members or first-year Senior(14yrs or older) participants in a livestock project (including all market, breeding, dairy, poultry, rabbit, excluding dog, cat, cavy, and horse) are required to attend an MQA training to be eligible to show or sell at the Boulder County Fair and Colorado State Fair. This year Boulder County will be hosting an in-person opportunity for members to complete this requirement. 
There will be other trainings across the state, as well. Other shows may have requirements to take the training more frequently or to take a YQCA national training. It is the youth’s responsibility to know what the shows require. To compete at the Boulder County Fair, youth need to take the MQA training once as a first-year member, and once as a 14-year-old member or older. 
Boulder County MQA Training 
Monday, April 22, 2024, from 4 PM to 6 PM 
Boulder County Fairgrounds, Exhibit Building 
Families may arrive any time between 4 PM and 6 PM to start the training. Training takes about an hour to complete.  This training is very interactive. Parents are encouraged to participate in the learning. Please allow youth the opportunity to show exactly what they know on the test. 
If you have any questions regarding the MQA training you can contact Lisa Wallace at | 303-678-6384 



4-H Animal ID Virtual Workshop Session

Watch this video of 4-H Staff going through the process for adding a couple animals in 4HOnline. We answer some common questions and guide you through the visuals of entering animals.

Private Treaty Marketing 4-H Projects

For a PowerPoint explanation of marketing your project, follow this link Marketing-4-H-Projects

Padlet – Our 4-H Marketplace Solution

Use this for re-homing animals from fair, selling meat or processed animals, etc. Use the template and be specific in your animals. Just click on the Padlet logo and buy or browse!

Livestock and Gen Project