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We are ready to help and support you in your 4-H rabbit journey.

Dillon Walker (Volunteer)
Boulder County Fair Rabbit
Project Superintendent
Makayla Little (Volunteer)
Boulder County Fair Rabbit
Project Superintendent
Brenda Kwang
County Specialist
CSU Extension
4-H Youth Development Livestock & Animals
Boulder County


Designed to help members gain knowledge and skills in managing and caring for rabbits. Members will learn to select quality rabbits, feed balanced rations, and maintain feeding, production and breeding records.
Project levels are designed for members 8-18 years old, junior, intermediate and senior. This project is an excellent way to learn about the different phases of the beef industry.





4-H Record Books are also called e-Records. Each project has its own record book that members are required to complete each year. Record books have a few times to be checked on progress throughout the year:

1. June- your 4-H leader will be sure your books are started and up to date.
2. Prior to showing at the Boulder County Fair, your record books will be checked by your superintendent to be sure they are up to date and complete as can be in order to participate and show at the fair.
3. Final livestock record books are due to be received at the Extension office by the second Thursday in September. (Please note: your 4-H leader may need an earlier deadline for review and signatures.)


Individual Buck Rabbit Record: Doc | PDF
Individual Doe Rabbit: Doc | PDF
Individual Litter Rabbit: Doc | PDF

COMPANION/ PET PROJECTS- Non-market and Non-purebred stock may use the companion e-records below

Junior: Excel | PDF
Intermediate: Excel | PDF
Senior: Excel | PDF





Fair Rabbit Check-In Process



Exhibitors will bring their rabbits over to be weighed at this time by the CSU Extension Agent.

PARKING: Enter the Fairgrounds from Nelson or Boston and park in the paved lot near the Exhibit Building (West side). You may park near the building long enough to unload your rabbits/equipment – then you need to park in the lot spaces.

VET CHECK: A fair veterinarian will check every rabbit while waiting for cage assignments – so check-in takes time – please get in line and be patient (thank you!)

CHECK-IN/RECORDS CHECK: A fair assistant superintendent or rabbit leader will check your rabbit record book for the animals you are checking in and that it is up-to-date.

PUT IN CAGE: After passing vet check, records check and receiving your cage placings, you can precede into the Rabbit area of the Exhibit Building.  There will be cages set up for all the rabbits we are expecting. Your will receive a chunk of cages based on the number of cages your indicated on your fair entries.

Once you find your cages, place your rabbits in them. Then take the cages you brought your rabbits to Fair in – out of the building and back to your vehicle.

SET-UP CAGE: Next, set up food/water in each cage.

JUDGING: Judging will be on (TBD) See Fair premium book for details.

REMINDER: No rabbits may leave the rabbit area of the Exhibit Building for any reason during the Fair, they can come out of their cages if you want to show them to the public, but no rabbit is allowed outside the rabbit area of the Exhibit Building.

CLEANING CAGES: – used shaving may ONLY be dumped in designated trash cans/dumpster – it may looked locked, but it is not.  Shavings may not be put in the trash receptacles in the Exhibit Building.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Finally – as always – any questions – please ask – Bonnie.

This only covers the first few days. The rest of Fair we will be posting information in the judging are of Exhibit Building – so please check there for daily information.

Rabbit Tattoo Day & Market Rabbit Nominations for County Fair

9 am – noon, Fairgrounds, Barn A

> Cost is 1 dollar per rabbit – A 1 dollar donation for the program is also requested

Market Rabbit Nominations

All market rabbits must attend to receive their official BCF tattoo and nominate for County and/or State Fair Market Show and Sale. Only rabbits officially nominated are eligible to participate in the market show and sale at County and/or State Fair.

There are NO make-up dates for Market Animal Nominations for County Fair. Plan to have another family bring your animals if you are not available.

Breeding or Pet Rabbits

For the security and safety, all animals are required to have permanent identification in place to participate in the Boulder County Fair. Permanent Identification may be a tattoo, tag, ear notches, pictures of animals with unique identifiable markings, etc. Tattoos are an ideal permanent Identification for rabbits and can be received on Rabbit Tattoo Day.

If you have breeding or pet rabbits only and are unable to make this date, contact Bonnie Smith, 303-665-5440.