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The Extension office provides assistance and programs for the community without discrimination in five main areas: 4-H Youth Programs, Agriculture, Community Health, Horticulture, and Small Acreage Management.

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For a quick reference to CSU’s agricultural fact sheets, choose from one of the many subjects below.

CSU Crop Fact Sheets

Crop Diseases Weed Management Integrated Pest Management Irrigation Crop Production


CSU Farm Management Fact Sheets

Economics Labor

Ag Help Wanted is an educational guidebook designed to assist every person who currently manages or expects to manage human resources on farm, ranches, nurseries, dairies, and other agricultural operations. It presents principles, practical examples, regulatory considerations, and leads to additional resources that help equip managers to make choices that are reasonable, legal, and effective for both their businesses and the people they employ. Ag Help Wanted was an effort of land-grant university educators from seven states and one Canadian province. The three not-yet-retired authors recently updated the web site and continue developing resources and delivering education. Link to the Ag Help Wanted website to find the following Fact Sheets and others.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act & How Does it Apply to me? I What is a Form I-9 and Who Needs one? I US Visa Requirements for Agricultural Workers I US Regulations for Child Labor in Agriculture


CSU Livestock Fact Sheets

Animal Health Livestock Management