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What is a Record book?

A 4-H Record Book is like a special diary where 4-H members can keep track of all the cool things they do and learn in their 4-H projects.

Here’s what you can put in your 4-H Record Book:

  • Goals: You can write down what you want to learn and achieve in your 4-H project. It’s like setting a fun target for yourself.
  • Activities: You can write about all the activities and events you participate in as part of your 4-H project, like meetings, workshops, and competitions.
  • Photos: You can add pictures of you working on your project. It’s a bit like creating a photo album of your 4-H adventures.
  • What You Learn: Write about the new skills and knowledge you gain in your project. It’s a bit like taking notes in a class.
  • Expenses: Keep track of how much money you spend on your project, like buying supplies. This helps you learn about budgeting.
  • Time Spent: Write down how much time you spend on your project. This shows your dedication and effort.
  • Achievements: You can list any awards or recognition you receive for your 4-H work. It’s like getting gold stars for your efforts.

By keeping a 4-H Record Book, you not only remember all the fun things you do in 4-H but also learn to set and achieve goals, manage your resources, and improve your skills. Plus, it’s a great way to show others what you’ve accomplished in 4-H, like your family, friends, and even judges at competitions. It’s like your own special book of achievements!


These guides have been prepared to assist you in completing the E-Records books. There are instructions, tips, suggestions and examples to aid you as you fill out your record. They come in three different versions by age group (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) thus some information in this guide may not apply to all records. For individual e-record books go to the Project Page.

Members are expected to complete as much of the record as possible on their own, however, younger members will likely need assistance in understanding some of the concepts. We believe that leaders or parents should counsel young members in the preparation of their records. These records are developed for the member to need only a minimal amount of leader assistance. The member is responsible for the actual completion of the record.

While E-Records are statewide there may be differences in how the records are handled from county to county. If you have questions or suggestions concerning issues that may not be covered in this guide, please contact your local Extension Office.

Up-To-Date Animal Record Book Checklist

Use these checklists to double-check that your animal record book is up-to-date before fair. These are to be a reference for members, parents, and leaders and are not intended as a record book judging tool. See Record Book Score Sheets for record book judging criteria.

Record Book Score Sheets

These score sheets are provided by Colorado 4-H and will be used to judge livestock, horse, dog, and general project record books.

Lease-An-Animal Records

4-H members participating in the Lease-A-Animal project will NOT use the livestock record book. Instead there are records specifically for these members. You can download the PDF (to print and write on) or the Excel (to fill out on the computer) version below. LAA Record Books

4-H Judging Guides