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Horse 360 / Dog 360 App

Article: “New Technology Changing Animal Industry” continued…

To learn more about these apps go to the Horse 360 website at:  WWW.HORSE360.COM.AU

  • Please note these apps are only available for Apple products (iPad and iPhone) and you will need an iTunes account to download them.
  • The Horse 360 app is offered as a $1.99 download (only a partial download) or as a bundle for $9.99.  There are 6 partial downloads of different categories so you save $2.00 by downloading the bundle.
  • The Dog 360 (NOT “dogs 360”) is sold in the four different downloads for $1.99 each or download the bundle for $6.99.

New Technology Changing the Animal Industry

The latest technology in animal education has just arrived. New iPhone app’s Horse 360 and Dog 360 are a must-have for all American horse professionals and dog lovers.

The apps are designed solely to teach users about the skeletal, muscular and organ systems of all types of horses and dogs.
The user is taught horse and dog anatomy at a university level through a gaming system–making it both entertaining and educational. This type of education will help medical professionals, trainers and owners better understand how horses and dogs function.

World-renowned horseman Clinton Anderson said the app is a break-through in animal education. “Knowledge of anatomy allows both horse owners and dog professionals to better understand injuries, illnesses and treatments,” Clinton said.

Clinton has published many books on animal welfare, specializing in horses, but said Horse 360 and the new Dog 360 has made learning the anatomy of animals much easier and more accessible.

“There’s absolutely no denying that the better knowledge you have of your horse, the better care you can give and the better owner or professional you’ll become.

“Even I find the games challenging. It’s taught me so much, I would have had to spend hours researching in books and on the Internet.  The apps have no doubt made me a better dog and horse owner,” he said.

For June and July Horse 360 and Dog 360 will donate proceeds from their sales to 4-H Colorado. A portion of every app sale before August 1, 2012 will go to 4-H.

How Horse 360 and Dog 360 work:

There are three features in the applications, which all offer a different experience to users.
1. Learning Stage – A 3D model of a horse/dog appears on the screen and then a bone, muscle or organ is highlighted. Four multiple-choice answers are available to choose from. Should the wrong answer be selected, the game highlights the correct answer.

2. Recall Stage – Like game one, a 3D model of a horse/dog appears in one of four views – external, skeletal, muscular or organ system. An anatomical word appears and the user is required to touch the part of the horse/dog belonging to the word.

3. Vet Talk – This feature is made to allow better communication between owners and dog professionals. The feature provides a visual display of the horse’s/dog’s body and then acts as a hand-held tutor, allowing users to select any bone, muscle or organ. It then provides the anatomical name of that part.

Please contact Jeff Goodwin, Colorado State 4-H Program Leader, at 970.491.1152 or should you have questions.