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Cavies, more commonly known as guinea pigs, are easy-to-care-for household pets and are a great way for young people of all ages to get involved in livestock projects in 4-H. In the 4-H Cavy Project, enrolled members will learn how to perform health checks on their animals, how to care for their animal through nutrition and other practices, how to show their animal, and gain general knowledge about the diverse breeds that make up the cavy family.  All animals and family pets are welcome in this project.  Come ready to learn more about your animal/s and share in the joy that is cavy ownership!

Project Learning Resources:

Boulder County Fair Protocols:

  • Typically, the Cavy show at the Boulder County Fair is a two day event.  At the time of check-in, members will need to bring their animal/animals, an appropriate cage, bedding, food and water, and a cloth to cover the cage if needed.
  • Members must have an up-to-date record book for this project at the time of check-in. Erecord books can be found on the CSU Animal page — download the erecord books for Rabbits.
  • Ear tags or tattoos are not required for this show, but all animals must have photos (front, rear, both sides) on file to properly identify if needed.
  • Cavies will be examined by a fair veterinarian to ensure the health of the animal before for the fair.
  • Members will be responsible for animal maintenance, feeding/watering, and general care over the period of time that their animals are at the fairgrounds.
  • Members may compete in Conformation and Showmanship events in the Cavy Project.  First and Second place winners in Showmanship will have the opportunity to compete in the fair’s Small Animal Round Robin competition.
  • Animals and members will be released from the fair by the Cavy Superintendent upon completion of the Cavy Show.
  • (Link to the Fair Schedule)- Coming soon

Additional Project Information:

  • Members must be enrolled in the Cavy Project through 4-H as well as be members in good standing of a 4-H club.
  • Members must complete a 4-H Livestock Record book.
  • Members must own their animals.  This project is meant to be a place where cavy owners of all ages may learn more about their animals regardless of their cavy’s breeding.  Cross-breeds and family pets are welcome in the Boulder County 4-H Cavy Project.
  • The Cavy Project Superintendent will arrange periodic workshops to coach members on cavy husbandry, provide learning opportunities about what to expect at the Boulder County Fair competition, and assist with record book development.  The workshops will also provide members an opportunity to work together to develop skills and knowledge.

View the Livestock page for general Livestock project information

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