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The Extension office provides assistance and programs for the community without discrimination in five main areas: 4-H Youth Programs, Agriculture, Community Health, Horticulture, and Small Acreage Management.

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About the Goat Project

Designed for those 4-H members who want to learn more about raising goat animals whether it would be for milk production, mohair, meat production, pets or packing.

Youth programs with goats generally focus around 4-H projects. Often these programs involve selection of animals and production for showing the animals at fairs and other livestock shows. Both registered and commercial (non-registered) animals can be shown in most goat shows, depending on the class. Show rules vary so check the rule book before you go to the show.

The object of the youth livestock program is to help youth develop important life skills by learning how to care for an animal and how to produce a high quality animal. The youth is expected to do the daily work of caring for and training the animal with minimal assistance from the parent or leader. This allows the youth to learn and grow. As the youth gains experience they should take on more of the responsibility of the project.

Members will receive a manual when they sign up for a goat project. For more information. Project levels are designed for members 8-18 years old, junior, intermediate and senior. For more info => Goat Project & Tips

In Boulder County we have several different goat projects youth may participate in as their 4-H Projects. These projects are:

Boulder County Fair Market Goat Project Superintendent:
Aaron Richmond ~

Record Books / e-Records

4-H Record Books are also called e-Records. Each project has its own record book that members are required to complete each year. Record books need to be checked a few times for progress throughout the year:

  1. June – your 4-H leader will be sure your books are started and up to date.
  2. Prior to showing at the Boulder County Fair, your record books will be checked by your superintendent to be sure they are up to date and complete as can be, in order to participate and show at the fair.
  3. Final livestock record books are due at the Extension office by the second Friday in September. (Please note: your 4-H leader may need an earlier deadline for review and signatures.)

e-Record Book

  • Record Book Check-in Sheet – Livestock

4-H Livestock Resources

Supplemental Information

Events & Opportunities

Upcoming Goat Workshops

Check out the latest videos for the Goat Project

Get Ready for Kidding Workshop:  This video covers doe care prior to kidding, what to have in your kidding kit, what to expect during the event, and how to care for newborn kids.