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About the Goat Project

Designed for those 4-H members who want to learn more about raising goat animals whether it would be for milk production, mohair, meat production, pets or packing.

Members will receive a printed resource manual when they sign up for a goat project.

About the Sheep Project

Designed to help members gain knowledge and skills in managing and caring for sheep. Members will learn about the modern sheep industry by caring for a lamb or managing a sheep herd.

Members will receive a printed resource manual when they sign up for a sheep project.

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Market Sheep/Goat Nominations BCF Jr Livestock Market Sale
Scrapies Tags

Market Goat/Sheep Nominations for County Fair

WHEN: Monday, May 9, 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
WHERE: Boulder County Fairgrounds, Barn A pens (unload in parking lot East of Barn A)

There are no make-up dates. It is the member’s responsibility to bring or arrange for someone to bring their animals to Tag-In.  The member is not required to be present, but will need to arrange a time to stop by the Boulder County Extension office to sign their nomination cards. Nomination cards can be picked up from the Extension office prior to Tag-In.

Tag-In will proceed in the following order: Card, Tag, Weigh, Scan.


Fill out one nomination card (county OR state) for each animal. State fair cards also qualify for county fair. You will need to know your project animal’s breed, sex and birth date.
Pay a $3.00 nomination fee per animal. Fee covers the cost of tags, tag equipment, scale equipment retinal scanning equipment and helps supplement funds for fair awards. Remember to include fee in your record book.


Establish the ownership of each animal. Each project animal is required to be owned and nominated to one specific exhibitor. In other words, siblings must specify ownership of each animal and may not share or swap animals after Tag-In. For example, goat 101 cannot be listed as John’s goat and later trans-ferred to his sister, Mary.
Fill out Tag Number on Nomination Card. After animal has been tagged by a volunteer, check that the correct tag number is now listed on the nomination card for that animal.


Push your animal(s) through the shoot to the scale. It is highly recommended that your animal have a halter or collar on when going through the scale.
Hand your completed Nomination Card to the volunteer at the scale. Check that the tag # on the card matches the tag # on the animal that is on the scale.
Note: Male market animals must be castrated or banded and all ewes and does must have scrapie tags in place by the May tag-in. Market goats must be dehorned or have horns “tipped” before exhibiting.


Bring each animal individually to the designated pen for retinal scanning. Retinal scanning is required to be eligible for market sheep and goat classes at the Boulder County Fair and Colorado State Fair. Retinal scanning works like a finger print to provide precise identification of an animal in case a tag is lost or questions arise. All Champion and Reserve Market Goats and Sheep will be scanned at the Boulder County Fair to verify identity.

Scrapies Tags

How do I get scrapies tags for my Sheep or Goats?

To request your FREE tags and tagger, just call 866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824).

If you are planning on exhibiting/selling any female sheep/goats; sexually intact male sheep/goats OR own any sheep/goats older than 18 months old in Colorado you will need tags. It is recommended to have tags in place by Market Nomination day so you know you are good for fair and required to be eligible to show/sell goats or sheep at the Boulder County Fair.