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Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

EFNEP logoEFNEP is a researched based program that works with various organizations to assist limited-resource families in acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes and changed-behavior necessary for nutritionally sound diets and health. We contribute to personal development and improvement of total family diet and nutritional well-being by providing free nutrition education classes conveniently located within the community and in partnership with health and human service agencies, non-profit organizations, community centers, and schools. EFNEP classes are taught in English and Spanish.


More About EFNEP Classes:

CSU Extension currently offers nutrition education programming to three different audiences – adults, teens, and 3rd grade youth. In all settings, classes are led in an informal manner and include many fun learning activities such as recipe preparation & tasting, partner and small group discussion, label reading, other hands-on learning, and physical activity. Participants also receive a lesson enhancement at the end of each class to make application of key messages at home easier. Examples of lesson enhancements include:

  • Water bottle
  • Grocery lists
  • Produce brush
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Food thermometer
  • Walking DVD
  • Cookbook filled with low-cost, easy-to-prepare and nutritious recipes (many of which are made in class throughout the series)

EFNEP Programs Offered:

Eating Smart ● Being Active (ESBA) for Adults

EFNEP participants planning meals during a classESBA for Adults is an 8-week lesson series on nutrition, food safety, food resource management (stretching food dollars), and the importance of physical activity. EFNEP classes last about 90 minutes and typically occur one time per week for eight consecutive weeks. Classes can be taught one-on-one or in groups at homes, community centers, school spaces, churches, non-profit organizations, and other agencies.

ENFEP – Adult Brochure

ESBA Adult Class Series Outline

ESBA Evidence Base information

Eating Smart ● Being Active (ESBA) for Teens

EFNEP partcipants cutting fruits and vegetables for meal preparationESBA for Teens is an 8-week series on nutrition, food safety, food resource management (stretching food dollars), and the importance of physical activity. EFNEP classes last 60 – 90 minutes per class and are typically taught once a week for eight consecutive weeks. Classes are often taught in groups at traditional high schools, alternative high schools, after-school programs, and various teen program sites. The classes are conveniently designed to address many Colorado Academic High School Standards, and thus are perfect for guest presentations in the classroom.

EFNEP Teen Brochure

ESBA Teen Class Series Outline

ESBA School Standards Addressed

ESBA Evidence Base information

Show Me Nutrition for 3rd and 4th Grade Youth

A nutrition instructor asks a question to a class full of young studentsShow Me Nutrition for youth is an 8- to 9-week lesson series which focuses on concepts of MyPlate, food safety, digestion, basic food label reading, making healthy choices, tasting healthy snacks, and the importance of physical activity. It is designed to fit within a standard classroom period of about 50-60 minutes, and it also meets many Colorado 3rd Grade Academic Standards. Currently, Show Me Nutrition for youth is only taught to 3rd grade audiences in Colorado. This lesson series includes a weekly Newsletter for parents, and students are encouraged to talk with their parents about the class along with the newsletter.

EFNEP Youth Brochure

Show Me Nutrition Class Series Outline

Show Me Nutrition School Standards Addressed

Show Me Nutrition Evidence Base information

Supplemental Maternal and Infant Lessons

EFNEP also offers three additional lessons that can be taught one-on-one or in small groups to pregnant women or parents of newborns. These classes include:

  • Eating Smart ● Being Active During Pregnancy
  • Feeding Your New Baby
  • Feeding Baby Solid Foods

Learn More

Visit the CSU Extension EFNEP website to learn more about the program. To speak with someone about local offerings, or to sign-up for free EFNEP classes, please contact:

Laura Yergler, RD
Nutrition Programs Supervisor: 970-305-7253 or

Maria Aldaba
Boulder County EFNEP Educator: 303-678-6382 or