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About the Horse Project

Designed to provide members with an opportunity to handle, care for and ride horses. Learn more from

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Horse Program Rules 4-H Horse Show Resources (Judges, Score Cards)
Horse Shows and Events Calendar Dressage Tests for County Fair
Levels Resources – Riding Tests, Study Guides and Raters Health Information
Information for Levels Raters Horses Available
Colorado 4-H Horse Project Webpage
Contest Teams – Hippology, Horse Bowl, Horse Judging FORMS:
Trail Riding Events and Activities 4-H Horse Program Donation Form
Horse Leaders Council


2017-18 Horse Program Donation Form


Horse ID on 4-H Online

Deadline: Last Friday in April (April 27, 2018)

In order to declare your project animal(s), Horse project members must complete an Animal ID on 4HOnline for each horse in their project.

Members showing at the Boulder County Fair or Colorado State Fair are only eligible to show the horses they have their Animal ID completely (including required pictures/records) on 4HOnline by the deadline.


Health Information

Rabies in Horses Fact Sheet

Rabies on the Rise Video

Skunk Found in Longmont Tests Positive for Rabies    
A skunk that bit a horse on February 14 near Terry Lake, north of Longmont, has tested positive for rabies. This is the first animal that has been reported as positive for rabies in Boulder County this year, and the third in the state. In 2013, 24 animals tested positive for rabies in Boulder County, including 9 skunks.

Terrestrial rabies, such as skunk rabies, is carried by animals that travel predominantly on the ground. In the last few years skunks have been a significant source of rabies throughout eastern Colorado, now including the Front Range. Other wild animals that may carry rabies include raccoons and foxes.

Human and animal health agencies are also urging residents to have their horses vaccinated against the disease and to make sure that their dogs’ and cats’ rabies vaccinations are up-to-date. Owners of livestock should discuss rabies vaccination with their veterinarians. Vaccinating dogs, cats, horses, and livestock against rabies is the most important and effective way to protect both animals and humans from contracting rabies.

For more information about rabies, visit or call 303.441.1564.

Advancement Levels

Horse Project Member – Levels List

Background of the Program:

The Advancement Levels program is a logical step-by-step guide to teach youth horsemanship and horse care. The Advancement Level chapter in the 4-H Horse Member’s Manual serves as a leader’s and member’s guide. This chapter explains the basics of the Levels program.

Safety and proper basics are stressed throughout the Levels program. The skills learned in the beginning levels are reflected in properly mastering the more advanced levels. A solid and consistent foundation is extremely important.

It should be recognized that not every youth will want to master all levels. However, it should be realized that the first two levels teach the basics of horse safety, care and riding for general pleasure and performance. It is therefore encouraged that all members participate in at least Levels I and II. Level III is for the serious horse person and Level IV is for the youth that is interested in a career in the equine industry or is very serious about his/her riding and training.


The Advancement Level program is a teaching guide which combines many aspects of horsemanship and horse care. The 4-H levels program is designed to apply to Western, Working Ranch Horse and all disciplines within the English division (Hunter Seat, Saddle Seat and Dressage Seat).

All youth being at level one and must master level one, either Western and/or English, before moving on to level two. English and Western are kept in two separate paths. Master Western I and II and you can move on to Western III (then Western IV) and/or Ranch Horse II (then Ranch III, then Ranch IV). Master English I and II and you can move on to Hunter Seat III (then Hunter Seat IV), and/or Saddle Seat III (then Saddle Seat IV), and/or Dressage Seat III (then Dressage Seat IV).

Colorado 4-H Horse Levels page

There you will find a list of approved raters, study guides for the written test, and copies of the riding tests. It is recommended to review the Written Test Study Guide and Riding Test Outline prior to testing.

For those interested in being a levels rater:

To become a levels rater, individuals must complete the rater training and re-certify every three years to continue rating. Trainings include a general introduction to the program followed by discipline specific sessions. Raters may become certified any level or any discipline with which they have a base knowledge and may perform ratings for only those levels/disciplines with which they are certified. See below for up and coming trainings…

Morgan County Rater Training April 2017

Colorado 4-H Horse Levels page


4-H Horse Competitive Teams

You do not need to be enrolled in a horse project to participate. All 4-H ages are welcome, experience not required!

Coach: Donna Pattee at (303) 482-7581

Coach: Carmen Porter at (303) 885-5702

Coach: Rachel LeClere at (720) 936-6408 and Kendra McConnell at (303) 956-2885


Dressage Tests – 2018 Boulder County Fair Horse Show

Classical Dressage

Level 1 – Fair class # 16   — 2018 USEF Training Level Test 1    

Level 2 – Fair class #15  —  2018 USEF First Level Test 1    

Level 3/4 – Fair Class # 14 — 2018 USEF Second Level Test 1    

Western Dressage

Level 1 – Fair Class # 13 — WDAA Basic Level Test 4    

Level 2 – Fair class # 12  —  WDAA Level 1, Test 2    

Level 3/4 -Fair Class #11 — WDAA Level 2, Test 3    


2017-18 Horse Program Rules

Horse Project and Show Rules

Driving Rules

Safety Rules

Freestyle Reining Rules

High Point Flyer – High Point Award Rules

Boulder County 4-H Horse Leaders Council

The HLC is a nonprofit organization for the purpose of promoting education by coordinating 4-H horse activities to obtain the maximum benefit of the horse for developing youth. This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Boulder County Extension office for the 4-H Horse Program.

HLC Bylaws (revised November 2014)

High Points Awards and Club Participation Award

Horses Available

No listings at this time.