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The Colorado Master Gardener Program in Boulder County: Grow with Us

Are you interested in gaining knowledge and helping others? If yes, the Colorado Master Gardener program is for you!


Participants receive intensive training in horticulture in exchange for a small tuition fee plus 50 hours of volunteer service answering gardening questions, teaching classes, mentoring special populations, writing articles, and maintaining demonstration sites. Alternately, those with limited time may choose to receive a Colorado Gardener Certificate, which provides the same training with no volunteer commitment for a higher class fee.

The Colorado Master Gardener/Gardener Certificate program is a great way to give back to your community and enhance your home garden, and is also an ideal stepping-stone toward a career in horticulture. The program is recognized by the Green Industry as an excellent vocational education course; many people considering a career in horticulture start with Colorado Master Gardener training as an all-around introduction to advanced plant care.

New Students

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Current & Continuing CMGs

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The Colorado Master Gardener Volunteer Management System is user-friendly, intuitive, and has many great features, including the ability to sign up for volunteer projects and continuing education events. CMGs can also report their volunteer hours and email other members through this online system.

Login page for the CMG Volunteer Management System
CMG GardenNotes #013, which explains the features and usage of the VMS

It is critical that new CMGs enter their contact information into this system when they first get access to it and that they continue to keep this information up to date, as this is the primary way we keep in touch with you regarding class logistics changes, weather-related cancellations, re-enrollment and more.


After their first year, Colorado Master Gardeners who wish to stay active in the program receive 12 hours of continuing education and give 24 hours of volunteer service per year. They must also complete an annual reappointment form and mail a $25 re-enrollment fee to the CSU Extension Boulder County office.

Continuing Colorado Master Gardeners: please make sure your physical address is up-to-date in the Volunteer Management System to ensure you receive your re-enrollment form in the mail, or click here to download the re-enrollment form to print and mail in. Electronic copies will not be accepted.

All active Colorado Master Gardeners are invited to attend special lectures and events and may re-attend basic training sessions if desired. Thank you for considering reappointment into the Colorado Master Gardener Program!